Who is jenna marbles dating

Julien is in many of her videos, and after a while, Jenna began introducing Julien as her boyfriend.

They live together and recently adopted a puppy, Peach, an Italian Greyhound like Kermit.

Jenna currently lives in Sherman Oaks in the valley with her boyfriend of 3 years, Julien Solomita and their 3 dogs, Mr. They broke up so that they could go to college apart from each other, but Jenna said that their time together was really nice.

Max Weisz - Jenna first met Max when she was locked out of her Boston apartment and Max was moving into the building.

Dave honed Jenna's skills in the arts of comedy, blogging, and video-making.

In 2011 the two saved up enough money to move to Los Angeles together, which they did. They broke up in December of 2012, but remain on completely friendly terms, and Max was even in a post-breakup video, "Drunk Christmas Tree Decorating".

Julien Solomita - Jenna and Julien became friends shortly after Jenna and Max broke up.

Courtney - Courtney is a Los Angeles friend of Jenna's and was in the video "Drunk Christmas Tree Decorating". She had always wanted a dog or a cat when she was younger and is a self-dubbed lover of animals. Marbles at an airport in 2008, Kermit in 2010 and Peach in 2014.

Kim - Jenna has a friend named Kim, who was in Jenna's video "I fucking hate my roommate (part 2)" Jenna's hair is naturally brown, but she consistently bleaches it a white-blonde color. However, Jenna often dresses up as a boy or a celebrity for her videos, and not unconvincingly. The dogs are often in Jenna's videos and are almost always shown at the end when Jenna encourages viewers to subscribe to her channel.

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She said that they had an exchange as follows: "I've never seen you here before." "Well, I've never seen you here before." Max then watched as Jenna climbed into her apartment through her window.

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