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Let’s go over how to update the different aspects of your ALP’s.

Go to then click on “Firmware upgrade.” Under “Control Box update,” there will be a spot to enter in your control box’s serial number. The serial number is located on the control box itself (the main white box that everything else plugs into) as well as on the box that the control box ships in.

On the next page, solve the anti-spam math problem and then download the firmware update.

Note: You’ll need it again every time you go to update your jammers when new firmware updates are released.

This will take care of updating the different components of your ALP.Once you install your ALP’s, it won’t be easy to find the number since your control box will be tucked away somewhere in your car and you will have already recycled the packaging box.I have the serial number saved in my password manager.I hope you will love it as much as the artisans love their craft and as much as I loved creating it. You get important bug fixes, helpful new features, and most importantly, updates to support new laser guns as they come out.

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She uses this power to crush her opponents, or to make her light enough to glide through the air using her umbrella. 5, she can ride the force of his explosions, dropping high from midair by increasing her mass suddenly for devastating dive-bomb force. 5 and his lady partner Miss Valentine arrived at Whiskey Peak, but were not present to aid the other, less capable agents of the organization. 0) has discovered a spy, who has somehow successfully infiltrated its ranks, and that they've been sent to dispatch them. 8, who used the alias Igarappoi as the town's leader) and Princess Nefeltari Vivi (Miss Wednesday) of the Alabasta Kingdom. 9 and Miss Monday, despite being rather unaware of the situation to their own admission, decided to hold off the Mr.

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