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Indian classical music (marga) can be found from the scriptures of the Hindu tradition, the Vedas.Samaveda, one of the four vedas, describes music at length.Prehistoric music, once more commonly called primitive music, is the name given to all music produced in preliterate cultures (prehistory), beginning somewhere in very late geological history.Prehistoric music is followed by ancient music in most of Europe (1500 BC) and later music in subsequent European-influenced areas, but still exists in isolated areas.The great legendary king, Jamshid, is credited with the invention of music.

It was deciphered by Anne Draffkorn Kilmer, and was demonstrated to be composed in harmonies of thirds, like ancient gymel, and also was written using a Pythagorean tuning of the diatonic scale.

Human music may echo these phenomena using patterns, repetition and tonality.

Even today, some cultures have certain instances of their music intending to imitate natural sounds.

Considered to be about 35,000 years old, the five-holed flute has a V-shaped mouthpiece and is made from a vulture wing bone.

The oldest known wooden pipes were discovered near Greystones, Ireland, in 2004.

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