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When Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider read this review, they’ll exchange a pitying smile and quietly start waiting for my distress call.

For woe betide any woman who thinks she can live without the Rules: they are hard and fast and apparently foolproof: ‘You can truly do the Rules on any guy, in any situation, and get the fabulous payoff: a guy who is crazy about you!

The premise is that men are hunters; if you pursue one, he will lose interest.

There’s also an edict to wear a chunky gold watch (it reeks of self-confidence) and hoop earrings (they scream Vavavoom!

When you learn this the hard way, they’ll happily write you a profile for a dating website — they’d argue that 0 isn’t much compared with the value of a diamond ring.

This is a mercenary, heartless book that could be laughed off if it weren’t for the dismal truth that a lot of people take it seriously.

It has spawned a relationship consultancy and a clutch of spin-off books.

Fein and Scheider have now updated it to include guidance for Facebook, text-messaging, online-chat applications and internet dating.

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