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It may seem like a tangent to talk so much about these scenes.A lot of the film centered around Anthrocon, as Video is from Pittsburgh and the con happened to be going on when his team decided to do a documentary on furries.This is one of the brightest parts of the movie, where you learn about the person under the fursuit, and that they may have a weird hobby, but they are still people, and people are complicated.Even if you may not be a furry (a perspective I tried to hold while watching), their stories are still relatable or elicit sympathy in some ways.Actually, that’s not entirely true; I expected the worse. I’ve been a furry since 1998, and have seen many of the well-known instances where the fandom was dragged through the mud for one reason or another.It often seems like nothing good can come from an outsider pointing a camera at the fandom.At one point, Video himself is shown logging into a Winestream session with Uncle Kage and challenging him on if Anthrocon’s media relations policies should be so strict.Uncle Kage looks into his webcam and shouts “fuck yes!

Freya describes what it’s like being a furry and a mother.

” Up to now, I had largely ignored Uncle Kage and his influence over Anthrocon and the fandom; being one of those stubborn freethinker types, I have a personal aversion towards authorities and celebrities.

Seeing these clips, I was left feeling conflicted, in support of the concepts of maturity and discretion, but balking at the fascist presentation.

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