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In the last five years more than 1.5 million undocumented migrants have been deported under the Obama administration, which has prioritized deportation in an effort to demonstrate its commitment to "border security" while pursuing legislation designed to provide the estimated 11 million undocumented migrants a path to citizenship.While the impacts of deportation on America may seemingly end at the border, for the deported — in Tijuana, for instance, deportation rates range from 200 to 500 repatriated Mexican citizens every day, while in Nogales 50, 150, or more — it means a whole new set of life-threatening challenges.Some reports following the earthquake stated that a 12-year-old girl identified as Frida Sofia was trapped inside the rubble of a private school, Instituto Enrique Rébsamen.However, Mexican Naval Admiral Angel Enrique Sarmiento Beltrán, the country’s assistant secretary of the Navy, debunked those reports on 21 September 2017, saying that evidence suggests that there is an adult trapped inside the building, rather than a minor.For example, the Mexican government has established a web page, Como, with a list of charities, blood banks, and resource collection centers benefitting victims of the earthquake. For those who prefer to steer clear of government agencies, Topos (Spanish for “moles”) is a professional nonprofit Mexican rescue team formed after the 1985 earthquake that devastated much of Mexico, 32 years to the day before 2017’s major quake.

Steep concrete walls stretch off into the distance in either direction, the remnants of the Tijuana River forming a shimmering spine. I sleep sometimes during the day."Others stay below the bridges that cross the sewage ditch, shelter from the brutal northern Mexican sun as well as a defensive position in case of local police raids, which are frequent. Many gangs use the iconic image of Santa Muerte holding the Earth in one hand and the scales of justice in another in tattoos.

A Mexico City-based group, the Brigada Femenil de Apoyo CDMX, accused authorities of interfering with their attempted rescue efforts at a textile factory.

The group said in a statement on its Facebook page: I was there for hours and watched it devolve so fast it was crazy.

I spent hours the day before and god knows how much money tracking down an angle grinder and metal cutting blades [in the suburbs] to cut rebar…and I think they took those, too. Even though people who escaped the factory claim women are still trapped inside.

That morning [Friday], we were so optimistic because all the headlines in the papers here are about miracle rescues where they pull half a dozen people out of rubble. that his organization — which he said brought nine ambulances as well as equipment like thermal glasses and gear for extracting people from collapsed buildings — was not allowed to carry out rescue operations.

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